Most powerful is the written word.

Husband, Father, Friend, Musician, IT Professional and Communications Specialist.

I’ve spent the past 30+ years of my adult life working in the Information Technology sector. In that time, I’ve built and equipped multi-million dollar recording studios, generated new online revenue for entrepreneurs and small business and managed within an ISP startup that was recently acquired by America’s fastest fiber internet provider.

The first tech gear that I ever received came in 1977; a handheld Mattel Football game and an Atari 2600 game console for Christmas. My first computer was a Commodore 64 which was followed a couple of years later by my first Macintosh. I’ve constructed many computers, numerous websites and computer networks that service thousands of people. Playing guitar is a passion. And, recording music is a professional hobby. I’ve been extremely blessed to this point in my life.

All of this is said not to brag, but to lend credibility to much of what you will read on this site. I’m a “Techy”. Have been all my life. I now want to help people hack the common narratives out there for a deeper, and much more fulfilling existence.

It is important to note, I am a Constitutional Independent within the political sphere. I tend to hit back at anything that threatens or vilifies the privacy’s or freedoms afforded to American citizens through the United States Constitution. Life would be much more difficult without that contract and the Bill of Rights. You will find no quarter for Collectivism, Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Marxism or Racism here. I like to have fun with ideas and constructs outside the norm. I don’t believe in conspiracy theory’s or misinformation. Only theory’s and information. Coming to your own conclusion is a healthier exercise.

It is my deepest hope that you, the reader, will find something of interest here. Maybe even something that helps you overcome a burden in your life. At any rate, Stay free. Stay strong. Stay independent. All the love!

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A common sense approach to hacking the narrative for a better life.